Our History

The history of Guan Chow Cycle dates back to 1940, when our founder Lim Guan Chow started a bicycle shop at Kampar (located at Perak state) in Malaysia. With the help of his two sons, Guan Chow built up a family-based business from scratch by offering basic bicycle servicing and sale of bicycles and parts.

In the 1960s,business grew rapidly as cyclists used bicycles for transports. It also provided the company with an opportunity to enter the wholesale business. Among the bicycle brands we represented was Raleigh – one of the famous brands at that time in Asia.

As the company continued to grow, we moved to a larger shop at Ipoh city in the 1970s. In the 1990s, the company gradually evolved into two division, it’s regional distributor as variety of parts and accessories. And manufacturing of assembled bicycles with efficient conveyor belt.

At the same time, the need for more space as for assembled factory and number of products which distribute grew forced us to moved to a 45,000-sft factory facility at Lahat Steet Ipoh.

By 1999, we expanded further and moved to the present 90,000-sft factory premise at Menglembu Industrial Ipoh.